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Bizzabo is a mobile networking app for events and conferences. We help organizers, attendees and sponsors to make the most out of their event. Get started today!

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Bizzabo is the ideal business discovery app designed to help event organizers communicate with attendees while giving them the best social and networking experience.

Spread The Word
Leverage the social media to promote and draw attention to your event. Make your attendees your best ambassadors!

Make your event interactive by communicating with your attendees before & during the event.

Get statistical and visual analytics. Understand your attendees’ preferences and needs, measure speakers’ popularity and improve for your next event.

Add Value
Add extra value to your event sponsors, exhibitors and partners by allowing them to suggest targeted offerings & generate leads.

Mobilize event info
Mobilize your event‘s agenda, session details and map. Use the organizer dashboard to instantly update your attendees upon unexpected changes.

Keep In Touch
Bizzabo stays with your attendees even after your event is over, allowing you to keep in touch with them and even invite them for your next event.